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During the pandemic we have thought hard on how we could help raise money for Charity and we came up with an Online Charity Dog Show!


So far we have raised:


£122 for Masks for NHS Heroes -

View our NHS fundraising page here -

£100 for Wood Green The Animal Charity -

Visit our fundraising page for Wood Green here -

Now we are supporting Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Visit our live fundraising page here -

Watch Holly Hedge on The One Show:

How does it work?

  • There are usually two categories you can enter - Dashing Dogs (Male only) or Prettiest Pooches (Female only). Occasionally there will be extra categories added if the demand is there.

  • Each category has 9 spots available. If the category you want is full you will be offered to be added to the waiting list for the next round.

  • Once booked on, you are added to a message group with your fellow furiends in your category to get updates on when the Show will start and other information such as charities and prizes.

  • The Show doesn't start until all 9 spots are filled, but you will be given a rough start date.

  • Prizes vary every round and are purchased by us from small businesses.

  • You must follow us and all prize vendors in the show you are in to qualify for the prizes.

  • The show is run by a voting system.

  • Once the show has started, you will be tagged in a post on our Instagram feed and given the link to share with all your furiends and family. To get votes people have to leave your Instagram handle in the comments of that post. It is one vote per person. Multiple votes by the same person will be deleted.

  • After 48 hours the post will be closed and votes are counted using a site which converts comments from the post to an Excel document where duplicated comments are removed and votes are counted. This could take 24-48 hours to do. You will be notified when the votes are counted and informed if you have won or not via your category group.

Does it Cost to enter?

Yes. Your entry fee is the essentially how we raise money for the charities. To see a break down of the costs and where your money goes please CLICK HERE. The show is NON-profit and all costs cover postage, prizes and donations to charity. We often gift our products to the show and invest our time to run it.

How Do I enter?

Please message our Instagram account @DogShowOnline to enquire on what spots are left or what shows are currently running.

What do you win?

The prizes vary each round. We have previously relied on donations but sourcing them can be tricky. Moving forward we will purchase prizes from vendors directly. However, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are guaranteed a rosette. Any runners up are offered the chance to purchase a 'Well Done' rosette at the price of £2.50 which covers the rosette and postage.

Winners Gallery

Check out all the fabulous Pooches that helped us raise money for Charity below!

The photos make all the hard work worth it. Thank you so much to all those who have taken part.

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