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My name is Kelly and I'm the founder of Handmade and Heartfelt. Nice to meet you! Rupert is my first ever puppy and he has been the inspiration for everything you see on this site and I couldn't imagine life without him. Whoever said Diamonds are a girls best friend obviously never owned a dog! I also have another little rescue dog called Penny, you wont see much of her as she is a little camera shy and nervous but if you check Rupert's Instagram she does make an appearance! I love to get crafty and make things for around the home, but sewing has become a new hobby so watch out for some fabric delights! I have recently become a Mother for a tiny human (because my life wasn't challenging enough right?) so now my little family is complete! 


@Rupert_TheCute - Instagram

You might have seen this guy floating around our site... 

Rupert was born on the 1st of Feb 2018 with his new owners collecting him when he was 8 weeks old. It was later discovered that the people who bred Rupert hadn't kept him in the best conditions and were suspected puppy farmers. Rupert struggled with Campylobactor and Giarda that was left untreated. Due to the neglect Rupert was malnourished and his eyesight suffered. Though he isn't blind, his eye sight isn't 100%. Now, Rupert has fully recovered from the horrible bugs and is loving life with his family! What a Brave Pup!

- Rupert Models The Delightful Dog in Blue


@smookandco - Instagram

Kleo was born on the 17th of May, 2017 near Glasgow, she goes everywhere with her mum and has changed a lot of people’s perceptions on staffys! She’s a very sweet, soft, and active girl. In 2019 she had bilateral TPLO surgery to fix her sore knees and is now back to running wild on the Shetland hills! Dovah first came to Shetland in 2015 to be fostered for 1 month that turned into 6. It was a very sad time when she left and it wasn’t until December 2018, just a couple of days before Christmas, that Dovah's owner finally decided to rehome her. So she returned to Shetland and this time forever! She was born on the 17th of February, 2012 in Norway and is a little rocket. She definitely has her quirks but is such a loveable dainty staffy.

- Kleo and Dovah Models The Superstar Dog Bow

@stanley_the_rommie_rescue - Instagram

Stanley was found on the streets of Romania and is suspected to have been a chained dog at some point in the past. His behaviour suggests he was beaten (as many Romanian dogs are). Rescued by Eli For Animals, his now pawrents saw photos of him and couldn’t resist his handsome face. After lots of love and TLC, he is now enjoying life with his new family and rules the household - he’s gone from being a street dog to being king! 

- Stanley Models The Smart Dog Bow


@poppylurcher - Instagram

Before finding her way to Dogs Trust, Saluki Cross Poppy had been housed in a tiny cage. Covered in fleas and worms, she was fed only Weetabix for the first two months of her life and had been passed around a family which suffered from pet allergies. But all was not lost! Poppy soon found her forever home! When her new family saw her for the first time it was clear that she was a perfect fit. Though she can be a bit of a scaredy cat, Poppy is a happy, friendly dog who loves people, dogs and even gardening.

- Poppy Models The Bee-Happy Dog Bow

richie dino.png

@diaryofrichmond - Instagram

Richmond was born on the 8th February 2019, making him the youngest member of Handmade & Heartfelt team of brand ambassadors. He has that puppy zest for life and loves a good walkies! He also loves to dress up and look good and is excited to be representing all the other low riders!

- Richie Models The Dino-Mite Dog Bow


@itsmisspixel - Instagram

Here we have Miss Pixel who is our only hair dog model! Pixel found herself needing a home after her owner got sick and could no longer take care of her. She was adopted on April 28 2018 by her new loving family. Miss P loves to be around people, anywhere you are she wants to go too.  She loves to play fetch with balls and toys, she’s even learned how to throw her toys herself. 

Pixel loves having her photo taken and gladly accepts treats as payment. 

She loves any type of food and treats, some of her favourites are watermelon, bananas and green beans. 

- Pixel Models The Blooming Dog Hair Bow


@itsabedslife - Instagram

The gorgeous Ru! Born on 22nd August 2017, Ru is an energetic, determined Bedlington Terrier with penchant for fashion! She delights in snuggles, annoying her pesky cat sister Beau and kicking her Mama out of bed! 

Born with a life limiting heart murmur, Ru makes the most of everyday and enjoys eating expensive handbags and shoes! 

You never see her out without a bow... this fashionista is one of the trendiest pups in town!

- Ru Models The Dotty Dog Bow

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@wilmapup1 - Instagram

Hey, I’m Wilma, a Beddlington cross Whippet, also known as a beddywhippet. Born 18.12.2016 I’m a lovely character with lots of funny ways. I love to pinch my friends toys, that encourages them to chase me. Love pulling off socks and making everyone adore me with my gorgeous eyes. I am sometimes neat and tidy but rock the scruffy pup look.

- Wilma Models The Bee Happy Bow

Scotty Dog.jpg

@colin_parson_russell - Instagram

Hi, I'm Colin. I'm a 3 year old parson russell terrier named after a rally driver! I'm a high energy doggo who loves learning new stuff. I do agility, WagIt and conformation showing. I've been to CRUFTS twice. But the thing I love best is tricks. I do dozens of tricks & always finding new stuff to work on. But while busy playing at training I need to look good, and a bowtie is essential!

- Colin Models The Bee Happy Bow


@bonniesausage - Instagram

My name is Bonnie. I am 5 years old and I recently retired to me new home with my Mama & Dad in Essex. My pawrents knew about me because they have my nephew Dickie - they got him when he was a puppy! So now we all live together. Mama says I am a funny girl - I love having my collar put on because I like walking and showing off my accessories. I also snore really loud when I nap! I look forward to being a rep and getting lots of girly treats to show you all!

- Bonnie Models The Primrose Dog


@dickiethedachie - Instagram

Dickie is 3 years old and was born in Cambridgeshire but lives with his Mama and Dad in Essex. He enjoys going to training school and showing off at fun dog shows. He also loves modelling and was a model for John Lewis this year! Dickie loves all his friends human and pooch - he loves it when his pawrents take him to doggy creche because then he gets to run riot all day! Dickie always likes to be wearing a Dickie bow so we are so excited to have this position!!

- Dickie Models The Dotty Dog Bow


@lilypadventures - Instagram

Little Miss Lily may not look it, but she’s a distinguished older lady at nearly 10 years old! She still goes charging up hills and mountains, though she’s gotten slightly more grumbly in her old age. Lily is a border collie, which means she’s sometimes too smart for her own good. She will do anything for a treat - usually, she’ll try every trick she knows to get one!”

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- Lily Models The Daisy Dog Bow

dottie.jpg - Instagram

Hey I’m Dottie I am a ragdoll that was born on the 28th September 2018. I’m a little bit of a diva and only likes the taste of chicken, try giving me anything else and I will try and bury it, it’s simply not good enough for me. I like to play fetch with empty wrappers and expect to be groomed at least twice a day. I have piercing blue eyes that shine in the sun and people always comment on my stripe on my nose. I love my hooman’s very much and get even more attention when wearing a handmade bow.

- Dottie Models The Sofishticated Cat Bow


@tailsoffallon - Instagram

Fallon is a Chihuahua born the last week in July 2019. She is small but very sassy! She loves cuddles and refuses to walk do the stairs! She is very energetic and spends a lot of her time playing with her feline older sisters and her nannies dog Crystal (miniature poodle). Fallon loves dress up and stealing stuffed toys from her hooman siblings! You'll see lots of photos in fancy dress that's for sure!

- Fallon Moidels the Unicorn Dreams Bandana

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