Izzy's Road to Recovery

Updated: May 19, 2019

If you haven't seen this story in the news yet then here it is. You will need tissues!

On Sunday 28th of April a male Staffordshire bull terrier and a female Staffordshire bull terrier escaped from a neighbouring garden and where they attacked Izzy the West Highland Terrier for 20 minutes.

Izzy's owner and two older ladies tried to rescue Izzy, but the male staff had her in a derelict shed cornered. Whilst trying to rescue Izzy the ladies were nearly also bitten by the male dog. They were told the dogs were extremely aggressive and by the time they were able to rescue Izzy she had been left for dead and was bleeding out.

Izzy’s was left with around 28 puncture wounds, broken ribs, crushed breast plate and a dislocated sternum and needed a full body cast. Due to these injuries Izzy is on many different drugs for pain and has fluids. Izzy required an operation, she had to be cut open and have her chest repaired as she was crushed by the bites from these two dogs and her muscles were torn so they also needed to be repaired. Izzy also has required all her wounds to be flushed out to help prevent infection. Once her swelling goes down Izzy may need another operation to place a metal plate in her sternum. The costs of this are unknown for now. They have so many people who have offered to help and who have been so kind. It’s amazing to know there is so many good people in this world.

Izzy is fighting for her life and they can not give up on her. Any donation small or big will make a massive difference and take the pressure off Izzy's owners who are trying to get her the best treatment she needs to fight through this and survive.

Please donate to help towards Izzy's vet bills and share her story, even if it's £1. Handmade and Heartfelt have made a donation and sent Izzy a free bow.

Izzy also has her own discount code IZZY10 - Not only will you get 10% off but we will donate the 10% of each bow sold to Izzy!

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Izzy has had her stitches out (as seen above. She seems to be doing well but one of her wounds is still weaping.

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