I'm going to go ahead and start off this category with Rupert's story.

16 weeks

Rupert was born on the 1st of February 2018. He is a Cavalier King Charles (Mum) crossed with a red Toy Poodle (Dad).

Me and my husband had decided to get a dog as a friend for our rescue Chihuahua, Penny. You may see her in photos occasionally, but she isn't fond of being in the spotlight and is quite nervous - Everything with her is on her terms. She does indeed have a story of her own which I can't share sadly.

I have always had rescue dogs, so I wasn't really sure on how to go about getting a puppy, so I wrote in the breed of dog we wanted and boom, thousands of results. In hindsight, we should have researched it better. We went with the website 'Preloved'. On there, Rupert and his siblings were being advertised as F1 Cavapoos, with photos and apparent paper work of the father. We fell in love with the litter and decided to visit, the pups were ready to collect that weekend.

We drove to a place in Yorkshire, where the gentleman had said to phone him when we were close by. We thought nothing of this at the time.

When we arrived there were 8 puppies, only 3 were available, a boy with a white stripe down his face (Now called Teddy, who we found on Facebook and belongs to a lovely lady called Lorraine), Rupert himself and the exact identical pup to Rupert but a female. The dogs were all out in the Gentleman's living room in a play pen and all seemed very happy. One of the other pups new owners arrived while we were there too to collect their new fur baby. The gentleman showed us a photocopy of the dad's paper work and even bought mum out for a quick visit. The pups all went crazy to get close to mum and feed so the Gentleman took mum away.

It was such a hard choice because we loved them all. We wanted a male, so that narrowed it down and in the end the choice was Rupert because he was the one who would not leave us alone, so I suppose he chose us! He and his sister were the smallest (and I mean extremely small!) in the litter which better suited our Chihuahua too. His brother Teddy was almost double his size and still is!

The Gentleman took our money and had said they had been vaccinated locally and gave us a ripped piece of paper with the vaccination sticker on. That is when I first started to question the authenticity of the situation. Shortly after that he bought out a syringe with a brown liquid in which we were told was worming medicine. Again, in hindsight I wish I'd have declined and sourced my own vet! At that moment I just wanted to leave and take Rupert with us.

In the car, Rupert lay on my lap and within 10 minutes bought back up all of the liquid he had ingested. The poor guy was nuzzled tight the rest of the way.

Once we got back to my Mother in Laws we introduced him to Penny who was unsure at first. The real fun started when we got home!

Rupert had severe diarrhoea, which we assumed was the worming. we had him booked for the vet anyway and took him the next day. The vet was concerned with the vaccination slip and said he would rather redo them but once the diarrhoea had stopped and asked us to come back in a couple of days.

Long story short, after a week Rupert had not recovered but gotten worse. We had to send of samples of his poop to be tested.

The results came back. Rupert had Campylobactor and Gardia - both of which were transferable to humans. If that wasn't bad enough - I had just found out I was 2 weeks pregnant!! Luckily we were all fine.

I desperately tried to locate his siblings at this point to see what was going on as the breeder had stopped replying to me when I bought it to his attention that any pups left needed treatment as probably did the mother. I found 3 other pups from the litter thanks to a really popular group for Cavapoo's on Facebook. They all had the same symptoms with one having them confirmed and the others having to go back tot he vets with the information we had shared with each other.

It also turned out that the stories of collection were all different. With one woman going to a completely different house and another being told the pups were being bought to the location. The other story I was told was that the pups were kept in a shed in the garden all day while the Gentleman went to work so they were used to being left to it.

At this point I was so upset and angry that someone would charge the most outrageous amount of money and take such little care of this darling dogs. I would pay my last penny to have taken Rupert and that will never change, it is more the principle that they are purely being bred for profit.

I found another lady from the group who had been questioning going to visit the last pup - now 12 weeks old. It was Rupert's twin. He had lowered the price from £1200 to £600 to help get rid of her. The lady told me when she got there the pup smelt and she was so small it didn't seem right. She also had said there seemed to be something wrong with her eyes. I understand why the lady declined and didn't take the pup but I was devastated and if it were me I would have had to try save her! I messages the gentleman again and told him to keep me updated because I was trying to find her a home. I would have taken her but Rupert had already taken our last penny's with all the treatments he had to have (insurance doesn't cover illnesses they already have). After 3 more days the advert was taken down off the site and he stopped replying. And I will never know what happened to that little girl - She was probably severely malnourished and that's what made her so small. Rupert was in such a state that even at 12 weeks he hadn't gotten better with treatment - That poor girl had none. It broke my heart completely so I took the choice to report the man to the RSPCA as a suspected puppy farmer. If he had nothing to hide, nothing would happen. Unfortunately they don't keep you updated so you have to just believe in your heart something was done.

Rupert is much better now, he missed out on walks up until he was 16 weeks old but it didn't take him long to discover the world around him and we made sure he came out and was carried even if he wasn't allowed on the floor!

Because of his health issues early on, we believe it has impacted his sight. Rupert isn't blind but his eye sight is more likely to be around 80% than 100%. He often walks into things or can't find toys when you throw them. But other than that he is perfectly fine and loved dearly by us and Penny, his new best friend!

7 Months

PS. The bow in the very first picture is the exact one he is wearing in the last picture! =]

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