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Updated: Sep 15, 2018

This weeks #bravedog is the wonderful Vinny! Thanks to Jo's group I was able to connect with several lovely dog owners who were happy for me to share their story. One in particular was Ali, Vinny's human. Vinny is a #tripaw dog, but he doesn't let it hold him back. Starting out as a pup in really rough circumstances and now only 8 months old and loving life with his new family and friends.

Vinny has his own Facebook Page where you can catch up on all his updates and read other great stories. It's called The Adventures of Vinny the Wonder Dog

His owners also have a dog rescue page which should definitely get a like! Make sure to check it out - BeKind Rescue

Now it's time for Vinny's story! You can't help but feel super happy for this brave pup and grateful to his amazing owner Ali. Give it a read and you might find a little surprise waiting at the end!

Vinny The Wonder Dog

Vinny, born 18/01/18 at a kill shelter in Spain. He was 1 of 5 with 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

Rescued by Maria Matias and Phoenix Rehoming! Timing was crucial.

His foot was cut off in the kill shelter, with no explanation as to why, and left to infection and disease. He stood no chance of survival.

Silva, the mummy, attacked poor Vinny as she could obviously smell the infection and worried for her other babies. Luckily Maria was on hand to get him away and to the vet. It was then they decided the best chance for him was to amputate the whole leg. He was a poorly boy! Chances were slim but there was still hope!

Silva was afraid and treated so badly she had no trust, her puppies however, were thriving and she fed them and nurtured them safely.

Vinny had his operation and because he was so tiny everyone waited to hear how he was and if he’d pull through! I just knew he was special and I knew in my heart he’d be fine! He proved that he was a strong boy and he wouldn’t be defeated. He pulled through and started eating and drinking, making everyone around him happy.

Meanwhile, the other puppies were named and had started to really find their feet. Gabriel, Toure, Fabian and Bruyne were doing really well in foster and their mummy too. Unfortunately for her fosterer, Silva could jump and scale the fence. All she wanted to do was escape, because she hadn’t been treated anything other than rubbish. She had been neglected and shown no love!

Vinny got stronger every day..... as well as cheekier. He began to walk around, and find his 3 feet. He fell over a lot but it didn’t bother him, he was a typical playful inquisitive puppy!

Flights were booked, passports were prepared and it was almost time to leave for their new homes in the UK.

This is really where their stories begin! The past is gone, the mistreatment and the abuse is no longer and these puppies and mummy have incredible lives waiting here for them! Vinny now lives with Ali and her pack of 5 fabulous dogs. Prior to him coming Ali just knew he was the boy for her pack! When you know, you know!

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Thank you so Much for reading Vinny's story. Please, show your support and share the Facebook group or this post to raise awareness for such an incredible group. Once again, the link to the group is:

- The Adventures of Vinny the Wonder Dog

- BeKind Rescue

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